UrStyle. Edition 9 featuring Malika Milan (@malikamilan)



Reconstructed BAPE tee
Vintage Levi’s shorts
Vintage reconstructed denim
Vest (brand unknown)
Chanel boots
Chanel purse
Fallon bracelet

I know…I know…its been a while, but if you missed me say something next time. Anyway this edition of “UrStyle” is a story of when I found a adorable stray outside of a Ubiq Event and decided to find her a home at Uristocrat’s House of Street Style called “UrStyle”.  Though I call her a stray she has the fashion prowess of a full grown female Queen Lioness.  After a short conversation their was no mistaking that I was making the right choice in choosing her for “UrStyle”, it was only a thought of how can I do her justice.  So with that thought in mind we sought a location that brought out her unrestrained demeanor and captured the magnitude of her outfit.  With that said let us know how we did, and how you feel about Malika Milan’s(@malikamilan) style.  Welcome Home Malika, and as always remember that URISTOCRAT is everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

Uristocrat: Where are you from?

MalikaMilan: Mother’s uterus. Jokes. Originally from Chechnya. Moved to Russia. Moved to Princeton. Moved to Boston. Moved to Philly.

Uristocrat: Do you think where your from influences you style?…if not what did…

MalikaMilan: Well in my culture women are expected to be very reserved in what they do, including their clothing and I think this fueled a desire to rebel and do exactly the opposite of what I “should”. So as to prove a point I guess. I don’t know, it’s really a mix a lot of things. I just like to project the different dynamics of my personality in my attire. I don’t hide much. This way I know who will accept me as I really am.

Uristocrat: If you had a nude mannequin that you could dress in whatever you would like…how would you dress it?…describe down to the undies

MalikaMilan: I’d have to go with a pink fencing uniform. Commando.

Uristocrat: What do you like the most about the way you dress?

MalikaMilan: The reactions I get from it. It’s really humorous to me.

Uristocrat: How do you see your fashion sense changing as you get older? Since your 17/18…

MalikaMilan: That’s a funny question because growing up I had a lot of phases. People used to laugh at it because I would show up to school as a different subculture “activist” every year. I had “hood” phase, hippie phase, punk rock phase (and not the hot topic punk rock I mean doc martens, spiked leather, ripped fishnets, Leftover Crack punk), “i’m a barbie” phase… I think I thought I was trying to find my place and I thought this meant following a subculture. Today, I really incorporate each of these phases in my dress. Because I realize I am a little bit hood, a little bit hippie, a little bit punk, a little bit barbie, and I don’t have to confine myself to any one style.

Uristocrat: What are your favorite brands?…

MalikaMilan: Hmm that’s a hard question because I really like all brands. I don’t like to be biased and I won’t turn away from something just because it’s made by a certain brand. But if I had to name a few favorites… Ashish, Jeremy Scott, Chanel, Kokon To Zai, Topshop, Gareth Pugh, Moon Spoon Saloon, ahhh just so many. I like clothes!

Uristocrat: What about a garment or a piece of jewelry attracts you?

MalikaMilan: The color and texture of clothing and jewelry are definitely qualities that appeal to me. Anything rockabilly or pinup usually catches my attention. I also like pieces that are very loud and demand attention like neons, spikes, chains, cartoon-influenced pieces, and patent leather.

Uristocrat: What do you think of the fashion you seen daily at drexel?

MalikaMilan: Not to be rude but I really don’t have much of a taste for the fashion I see at Drexel. There are a few people whose style I admire but that’s about it. Besides that, I wear sunglasses on campus all the time to help block out the tasteless ensembles I see people wearing. And again, that is not to be rude or anything.

Uristocrat: What do you think of the Philly fashion scene in general?

MalikaMilan: I’m a bit of a loner and don’t get out much so I don’t know much about the fashion scene in Philly. But from what I’ve witnessed, there are many eclectic individuals here and I really appreciate the vibrant colors people wear. Where as in New York it’s a lot of “all black everything”.

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