Power Rankings featuring Mike Vick, T.I., Charlie Wilson (yes, that Charlie Wilson) and more …

1. Mike Vick – Mike Vick is a starter in the NFL again.  This is one of the more improbable redemption tales in sports.  When Vick got released from prison, many people thought he would return to the NFL as a receiver or running back.  Last year, mostly out of the wildcat, he showed flashes of his former self but not enough to inspire any team to pick him up.  Now he looks better than ever.  Incredible. Make sure you are following @Eagles or @EaglesInsider for more breaking news!

2. Reggie Bush:  Worst. Summer. Ever. – This summer definitely wasn’t a summer to remember for Reggie Bush.  Earlier this year, he lost his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  A few weeks ago, he had to give back his 2005 Heisman Award following him being declared ineligible for that season due to receiving illegal benefits.  Then, only a few days before the official start of Fall 2010, dude breaks his leg on national TV.  Yikes.

3. Cudi Disses Wale – More rap beef.  Wale seemed to try to put the situation between him and Cudi to bed on “More About Nothing.”  Apparently Cudi didn’t listen to the mixtape because he fired shots at Wale in Complex.  To me, rap beef is so 2001.  If you have beef with a dude, give him a call.  Or take it to Twitter.

4. Jail for T.I. and Tiny? – Rumor has it, T.I. and Tiny will both go to jail for there recent drug arrests.  T.I. is likely going away for three years, while Tiny could see a year.  I feel bad for their children, who will definitely suffer in this situation.  If we’re going to have to wait another three years for more T.I., I hope he’s living in the studio to get something out before he goes back in.  Stay tuned.

5. Denard Robinson – Have you seen this guy?  The sophomore QB at Michigan is looking like Pat White on steroids.  Through three games, he’s thrown for almost 700 yards, ran for almost 600 yards and has 8 total touchdowns.  Keep an eye out for this dude as a Heisman contender.

6. Melo leaving Denver – All signs are pointing to Denver trying to avoid a “Decision 2.0” and trying to get some value for Carmelo Anthony, who seems to want out.  The Nets are the early favorite, but with everything that’s gone over this summer he has to end up with the Knicks right?

7. L.A. Reid done at Def Jam? – Rumors are swirling about L.A. Reid being fired from Def Jam.  After he gave Shyne a million bucks to for nothing, I can’t even be mad at this.  Record sales are sagging all over the place, so maybe it’s time for some new blood at some of these labels.

8. Phillies v. Yankees rematch – Nobody’s paying attention to baseball anymore now that football’s back, but we have your back.  The Phillies and Yankees are surging headed into the playoffs and we could have another rematch on our hands.

9. Kevin McKinley – Kevin McKinley, a WR for the Denver Broncos, died this week in an apparent suicide.  Not much to say here, as the details are limited, but this is a sad story.  We hope he rests in peace.

10. Charlie Wilson – For reasons unknown, he’s becoming a go to guy for Kanye West.  He’s appeared in a few tracks with Mr. West in the past few weeks and the results have been head scratching to say the least.  I can’t hate on him though; he’s making records and I’m on the sidelines.  Props to the old bol.