Uristocrat Fall Style Guide

Whether we would like to face it or not (I choose denial), summer has come and gone… Wake me up when September ends. What does this mean? It means it’s time for you to get your fall wardrobe game up. You can’t spend another year bumming it in your favorite hoodie and jeans, its time to step it up young man. Luckily for you, we are proving you with a preview of what you should cop this fall, or at least some trends you should check out.

Slick Suits

Super slim suits were huge last season but this year it’s about form and structured silhouettes. How does this translate as a whole? The industry is moving away from super skinny suits, but that’s not to say slim is out altogether or that the boxy cut has replaced it. Instead, think of a cut that would appeal to a military officer; one that accents a sense of the masculine through three key silhouette elements:
1. broad shoulders
2. a slim waist
3. slim trousers

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Another big suit trend are double breasted blazers. Slimmer fitting than their 80s counterpart. Maybe now you can make that big money like Gordon Gecko.

Velvet will be the fabric of choice (who would have thought that?). Think Hugh Hefner meets Pharrell and you probably have the right velvet blazer.

Totally Rad: 90s Fever
Workwear: Workwear, military and utilitarian dress continue to be huge themes carrying their way into this season. A lot of chambray shirts, utility jackets, and soft military influences including badges, broaches and metals are working their way into this falls mix. J.Crew has an exceptional collection of workwear and you can see military themes throughout their collection.

Recommendation: Buy a nice utility jacket and a military green button up to make sure you stay armed.

Chambray shirts, ties, and pocket squares are huge this season again and can add a nice touch whether paired with jeans or a suit.

School Daze: Prep School Revisited
With the release of two huge publications: Take Ivy (rerelease) and True Prep (a modern Preppy Handbook), preppy wear has found its way back into the mainstream and why not? It is definitely one of the more recognizably American styles. Outfits characteristic of prep school graduation will abound this season. Plaid and patterns are huge this year. So its important to adapt this style to your personality and make it yours. I prefer to wear a button up, bowtie, a pair of dunks/vans, and a hat or funky socks with it.

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Some items that I know I will be getting for the season include Norwegian and Shetland sweaters,a Varsity Jacket, Patterned Pocket Squares,

Bag it up

A nice bag remains in style. Duffels and weekenders continue to be huge and if not manly enough to carry your goods, army style backpacks are a good alternative. Gap and J.Crew have reasonably priced duffle bags and H&M and the local Army Surplus store also contain competitively priced military bags.

Shoe Game

People are replacing their sneakers for shoes this season. You will continue to see boots dominate the market, including one of my favorites, the desert boot. Also you will see a lot of woven toed shoes and clean wingtips. I am going to be looking for a pair of clean brown shoes to throw on with those jeans and suits. They make any outfit pop.

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