Kanye West Performs on SNL

Kanye West  made his appearance on Saturday Night Live which judging from tweets broke Twitter.  He made his highly-anticipated appearance by performing his hit single, “Power”  and the single with Pusha T, “Runaway Love.”  Kanye added his own unique touch to SNL by transforming the stage into an all white back drop.  He even employed back up dancers in addition to performing a new verse for “Power.”

“The crowned hero live from ground zero…machine gun flow made a ghetto Ross Perot, and this is just disest with my night goggles got military vision….
And its still a very Christian way to think about living when you praying for freedom ’cause your mind been in prison ’cause they trying to control every single decision….
Dog, you can count whatever suit you own, three piece, cufflinks and the accoutrements…they been feed us -ish without the nutrients, so I’m back with another hit to let the truth be known…
and they really can’t take what dude be on, but I’ll be on the same thing ’til ya prove me wrong….“

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  1. Joukisan

    Second video might be the first time I'm ever enjoyed anything from Kayne West.

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