Uristocrat NFL Week 7 Preview

Jeremy Maclin is THE MAClin

Its week 7 in the NFL and the season has been anything but predicatable. Nevertheless, we will give you a guide to some of the games this weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tennessee Titans
Michael Vick vs. Vince Young? Looks more like Kevin Kolb versus Kerry Collins. Should be entertaining to watch anyway since the game also features LeSean McCoy and Chris Johnson. The Maclin should also make an impact since DeSean Jackson looks to be sidelined. The game should be a battle of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chris Johnson.
Score: Eagles 21, Titans 17

Other Noteworthy Games

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons
Will Terrell Owens continue his big play? Will the Falcons bounce back from a Philadelphia Eagles Trouncing?
Score: Falcons 24, Bengal 21

Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears
I don’t like the Redskins so I pick them to lose. Actually, I look to see the Bears bounce back from a “turrrible” loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Hopefully Jay Cutler gets some o-line protection and goes nuts.
Score: Bears 20, Redskins 17

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs
If you watched the jaguars on Monday Night Football then you know how lopsided this will be. However, guard the optimism since the Chiefs are being pegged as over achievers and nothing more.
Score: Chiefs 27, Jaguars 13

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins
Ben Roethlisberger is back and he looked pretty good last week against the Cleveland Browns. The competition steps up as he plays the Dolphins. James Harrison chose not to retire so he should be in action. Hopefully he will refrain from tackling with his helmet. I still look to the Steelers to win this game.
Score: Steelers 17, Dolphins 13

Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints
Defending champs verses the defending chumps… This shouldnt even be close.
Score: Saints 35, Browns, 9

St. Louis Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Will this game even avoid being blacked out? Sam Bradford should have the opportunity to shine.
Score: Rams 28, Buccaneers 17

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
I dislike both teams but right now it looks like I’ll be picking the cowboys to win sine a Giants win will change division standings
Score: Cowboys 24, Giants 17