“Maybe You Should Rise” Michael Jordan commerical mocking LeBron James

We all hailed Lebron James’ commercial as a work of art and redemption. Well a month later, Michael Jordan releases his own version. This commercial addresses everything discussed by Lebron in his commercial but with Michael Jordan’s perspective. At the end of the day the story is “Lebron is making excuses.”

Update: Apparently this is old and not relevant. Ok.. Sounds good but I still like it and I think Michael Jordan really should make a commercial addressing Lebron’s excuses. Actually I want there to be commercials to address all the Heat’s failings this year. They could still win the championship. The Season is young but did any of us really expect them to be 8 and 7?

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  1. Anthony

    MJ released his "Maybe" commercial 2 years ago. This is merely a mash-up and not a response.

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