Lupe Fiasco – Ten Crack Commandments Freestyle

Why are we still waiting on Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and Kanye West to work together and release their Child Rebel Soldier (CRS) project. Lupe Fiasco recently spoke on the topic while on Hartford, Connecticut’s “The Morning Crew.”

“I think the Jay-Z/Kanye collabo [Watch the Throne] kinda was like, ‘Aww man, aww no’. Whenever we get to go in [the studio] and have the time and the opportunity to do it, we’re always working on some other project. Pharrell gon’ do a soundtrack for a movie, Kanye does another project. It’s becoming less of an album and more of everytime we do a song together—me, ‘Ye, and Pharrell, a CRS thing.”

While we wait for CRS, we can pick up Lasers-LP on March 8th. You can listen to the interview in its entirety bankruptcy lawyer attorney. Stay tuned