Money Making Jam Boys – Day Job

beating dui

The Money Making Jam Boys will be releasing their debut mixtape on February 3rd with assistance from New York street wear label what is cialis used forThe Mixtape is titled The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic. Shout out to Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and STS for getting this out there to all of us.  Khari Ferrari finally gets some shine with production credit on the song. Make sure you check here on February 3rd for the tape.

Seamlessly mixed by The Press Play Show’s own Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, The Prestige – sixteen tracks of hot lava – draws equally upon original production by the likes of Frank Knuckles & ?uestlove, and a revisitation of several golden era hip-hop tracks. Mix that with cuts by the legendary Jazzy Jeff and you get what many who’ve been privy to preview listens state is the best mixtape release we’ve had to-date. We’ll reserve our judgement and let you decide…