Meet the 2011 Philly 360° Creative Ambassadors (@Philly360)

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Last night was a great kick off to Black History month as we joined reliable source cialis as they introduced their 2011 Creative Ambassador class. Philly 360° are trendsetters in their fields who help shape Philadelphia as a major hotspot and build buzz around the city. In 2011, the group includes Philly’s hottest musicians, DJs, producers, dancers, artists and more. Keep up with who we think best represent Philly.

And, check out Philly 360’s including The RootsMarsha AmbrosiusRich Medina and King Britt.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

World renowned DJ and GRAMMY Award-winning producer

Carvin & Ivan

Carvin & Ivan are GRAMMY Award-nominated songwriters and producers who are currently up for five GRAMMY nominations.

James Poyser

James Poyser, of The Roots, is a GRAMMY Award-winning songwriter, producer and musician.

Spanky McCurdy

Currently on tour with Lady Gaga, Spanky is a drummer, designer and entrepreneur.

Carol Riddick

Carol Riddick is a singer, songwriter, and she also is the senior project manager of The Recording Academy.

Sulaiman Rahman

Sulaiman Rahman is the Chairman of the African American Chamber of Commerce and President/CEO of

DJ AfroDJiak

DJ and co-founder of It’s the Life Creative, the team behind the popular Inside the Studio series.

Seun Olubodun

Seun is a fashion designer and founder of Duke & Winston

Florcy Morisset

Florcy is the owner and curator of Vivant Art Collection

Rennie Harris

Rennie is a highly respected and sought after hip hop dancer, choreographer and founder of Rennie Harris Puremovent

Ernel Martinez

Ernel is a talented artist and painter for the Mural Arts Program who is currently restoring the Paul Robeson Mural.

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