“All I Want Is You” Singer Draws Influence from Near and Far

Though he does not remember its game, Miguel Pimentel wrote his first song at the age of 12 using his guitar and his uncle’s 4-track tape recorder.  Since then, he has continued to write music that he describes as “vulnerable, iridescent and unapologetic” for himself and other artists such as Usher, Asher Roth and Musiq.

On his debut album All I Want Is You, the 24-year-old Los Angeles native chronicles autobiographical tales of love and romance with a sound that reflects his own eclectic musical tastes.  Noting everyone from David Bowie to J. Dilla as musical influences, Miguel says he has something valuable to bring to the industry as a younger artist.

“We have so much information at our disposal that’s literally seconds away from all over the world,” Miguel said. “It’s easier for [younger artists] to be open minded to different sounds, and we are into all types of different things. So it gives us a broader and more well-rounded perspective.”

The album’s mid-tempo title track features fellow freshman J. Cole of Roc Nation, and was written shortly after a breakup with a girlfriend.  “I flew to Miami [and was told to] write about whatever I was going through, and it came about.”  JIVE Records’ President of Urban Music, Mark Pitts, shared the track with J. Cole, who was a fan of the work.

Miguel says he would like to continue working with people he calls “movers and shakers.”

“I’d like to work with Andre 3000. I’d like to work with a lot of younger artists that are making their own way these days. B.O.B. Lupe. Janelle Monae would be really dope to create with.  J. Cole again,” he said. “A lot of younger artists and indie artists.  I’m more interested in showing that there is music that is coming out now that is worth something and that is meaningful.”


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