Thats Bombe!

Her name is Mademoiselle Cristal B. or simply B. EZ. Hailing from the Big Apple, her love and passion for color and painting took an unpredictable turn. “I remember the first time I got my nails done; it was amazing. All I could think about were the, almost infinite amount of color combinations. Not to mention, at that time it was cheap too!” Since that day she hasn’t looked back. Using the polish top as her paint brush, and the nail as her canvas, Cristal is bringing about an air of rawness and couture to the art of nail design with her girl glamour brand “Tout Est Bombe” pronounced (too-eh-bomb) presents Bombe d’Ongles.

When asked how she came up with this concept she explained “Honestly, I just thought about how things used to be ‘the bomb!’ Nobody says that anymore! And I wanted to create “that thing” that would get people passionate about something. Especially the ladies! Everything is male inspired or driven by men. Some of my favorite brands are purely for men and I wish they could conceptualize the same things for us. All you ever see are copies of the male designs and rarely anything made just for us. Plus I’ve always had a love for the French language. Shout out to Ms. Beaudier! I couldn’t stand her in 7th grade but I appreciate her now!” Such, fervent words left no choice but to ask her where all her inspiration comes from. “The whole world! Female brands that I’ve watched evolve over time inspire me too. Brands like Betsey Johnson, MOB, MadeMe, Hellz Bellz just to name a few. And the “Tout Est Bombe” name itself; it just gets me excited every time I think about it! It defines my thought process and how I would like anything I touch, to be”

 The conversation flowed on and we began to discuss what the brand was about exactly. “Its a culmination of everything I’ve loved and focused on for the last 7 years of my life. That being my love for street and high fashion, jewelry, accessories and of course, nail art.” It all sounds like a girls’ dream and Cristal is just trying to make it come true. She described how she, eventually, wanted ‘Tout Est Bombe’ to be a one-stop shop for everything a girl can ask for. “A Tout Est Bombe boutique, is absolutely on my agenda.” And she’s definitely on her way. Her website will be launching on her birthday February 12th, and she’ll be hosting her first official nail party “Bombe des Coeurs” (Bomb Of Hearts) on Feb 13th, complete with drinks, cupcakes and hors d’oeurves just in time for Valentine’s Day. And she’ll be appearing at The Barbary with Gun$ Garcia, Lady Prowl, and Talea Bella for the ultimate girl event “Double Dutch” every last Thursday of the month. You can get your nails done at the party! How bomb is that? Cristal’s got a cool personality and a vibe like no other but do not mistake it for anything less. Her mind is always two steps ahead racing for the next great innovation. Some say she has ideas cooking up for her own clothing and jewelry line for voluptuous bombs and petite missiles alike. Not to mention, a jewelry line in the works with Mr. David Miller Weeks. “It’s just non-stop progress for me. I refuse to settle for anything less.” Cristal plans on continuing to create a girl empowering empire of beauty and strength; what she believes every girl embodies and reflects. And the year ahead will open many doors for her to do that. Anything is possible, everything is bomb!

To RSVP or inquire about any of Cristal B. Ez’s upcoming events youcan visit the “Tout Est Bombe” Facebook Fan Page at bankruptcy attorney in nyc, or email her at You can make private appointments at and follow her on Twitter @ToutEstBombe and @ohhaiblizzy. And if you have any inquiries about “Double Dutch” visit montel williams cash advance.