Watch: Marky – Silent Beauty (Prod. By Boi-1da) (Video)

Studio 43/Universal Artist Marky, has released the video for his song Silent Beauty which appeared on his Rest Stop Mixtape, Here’s a description in his own words…

I know, I know… I released this song during my Rest Stop Series a few months back. While shooting a video for my song “Applaud”, we had given the girls that were invited to be in the video the back section of the location to get ready for shooting. Ali was being “house DJ” that day as he always is and so happened to be playing my Rest Stop mix. “Silent Beauty” came on and the girls there really enjoyed the vibe of the song. Ali came over to me and said that we should go ahead and shoot a little video for it because the song needs a visual. I thought it was a great idea because it was random and pretty much a case of “using what you have on hand”. I had an idea to do it in front of the green screenwith Man-Man on the drums. The funny thing about it was that since Man-Man is a true drummer, he was playing so LOUD that I could barely hear the song during playback lol haha good times… Nonetheless, here it is for your enjoyment. Boi-1da produced the beat and was cool enough to let me rock with it.