J. Rizzle presents the Essence of Jay Electronica

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I was visiting best cialis 5mg prices and saw this post about a new Jay Electronica mixtape.  Jay Electronica needs to release a new album already but in the meantime this will do.  This is a fun mix of original samples and some of his bigger songs from the dude cialis tablet effects. Check it out!

Radio Interview Snippet
Dear Moleskine – Jay Electronica
Free Angela – Bayete
Etrenal Sunshine – Jay Electronica
Phone Call – Jon Brion
FYI – Jay Electronica
Row – Jon Brion
Voodoo Man – Jay Electronica
Postcard – Jon Brion
Somethin’ To Hold On To – Jay Electronica
Give Me Somethin’ To Hold On to – Myrna Summers
Renaissance Man – Jay Electronica
Love Is – Common
Victory Is In My Clutches – Jay Electronica
Electrified Love – Earl Hines
Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica
Dead Presidents – Jay Z
Exhibit C – Jay Electronica
Cross My Heart – Billy Stewart
Shiny Suit Theory – Jay Electronica, Jay Z, The Dream
Ain’t Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind) – The Ambassadors
Intro -Group Home
Jazzmatazz (Tribute to Guru)- Jay Electronica

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