Lupe Fiasco featuring Eric Turner – Stereo Sun

I’m still trying to make sense of Lupe Fiasco’s latest album, Lasers. The album is a departure from his usual sound and features the use of produces, hooks and concepts that I frankly didn’t expect from Lupe Fiasco. However, the lyrics and the thoughts on the album are reminiscent of Lupe’s earlier work and feature the addition of more ideas that may rub some the wrong way if they are of different political leanings. I almost wish that Lupe had spit these lyrics over different beats. Lupe then releases this track while I am still trying to digest Lasers, which is  titled “Stereo Sun.”  The song features Eric Turner adding his vocals and features the same types of beats and production that is prevalent on the recently  released Lasers. In short, I don’t like it either except for Lupe’s poignant lyrics. Take a listen to the track and give us your thoughts. Let us know if you flatly hate it or think its good enough to have made Lasers.