Philly? Most Passionate Fans in the World?

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So dui laws in wyoming wrote a story yesterday about “The Worst Sports Fans in America” and of course Philadelphia sat at the top of the list. I think GQ has it a little bit confused.  The list would have been much more accurate if it was named “The Most Passionate Fans in America.” I’ve been a longtime Philadelphia sports fans and I will admit that some of the stories that go out into the world will cause the average fair weather fan to think twice about visiting a Philadelphia sports venue. However, dig a little deeper and you will realize that the stories describe fans who are full of passion. Philadelphia is one of those cities where sports provide an escape from the normal routine and from the regular doldrums of every day life. I also think it goes much farther than being an escape. Philadelphia Fans hold people accountable. You’re not allowed to come to Philadelphia and play with half a heart cause the fans will let you know and it applies to every player who suits up for any of the hometown teams. So GQ, rename your list and Philadelphia Fans will wholeheartedly agree with you. Btw, can you see the guy above throwing a snow ball at Santa? I dont think so

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