Watch: Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up (Starring Cassie)

Wiz Khalifa is gearing up for the release of his debut album from Atlantic, Rolling Papers. In the meantime, take a look at the latest video from the album which is for the song “Roll Up.”  The video is directed by Josh Davis who had these thoughts on the video.

Another music video for my homie Wiz Khalifa. He wanted a laid back Cali vibe for this one. We thought it was important to have a narrative featuring a really cool leading lady in Cassie, but also play with some interesting camera techniques and post effects. The idea was to create a “Roll Up” effect that made you feel like the camera was literally rolling. I’ve always loved the way Spike Lee puts his actors on the dolly to create a hyper sense of reality. It was also important to consistently throw light into the anamorphic lenses so the video didn’t feel too polished. I wanted it to feel cinematic and capture another side of Wiz that we didn’t see in “On My Level.”