Alex Fakso x 55DSL Limited Edition Tees

revatio vs viagra continues to stand out from the crowd, this time teaming up with contemporary street artist Alex Fakso to create the “Fast or Die” collection.  Fast or Die is a new photographic project from Alex, coming to life after fives years of traveling the world, 55DSL has decided to launch a limited edition capsule collection of t-shirts inspired by his photography.
The tees will be available at Diesel’s Soho Flagship store in New York for a limited time only.

Alex Fakso, a prominent personality in the contemporary street scenario, comes to photographyat the age of thirteen when he gets a camera in order to capture his own pieces on trains. Sincethen, Fakso has never stopped rubbing shoulders with the underworld, being part of the Writingmovement since the early 90’s and at the same time becoming its direct narrator.
Heavy Metal is his first book, a photographic story, documenting styles and vicissitudes of thegraffiti universe, transporting the reader into an unknown and unpublished dimension.Heavy Metal recounts a cultural movement that lives in the shadows, difficult to understand andimagine.
Willing to deeper this experience Alex Fakso releases his new photographic project “Fast or Die”which comes to life after five years of travelling around the world, from London to the US, andas far as Russia and Japan. Metropolitan narratives immortalized in 60 shots: portraits of peoplerunning, taking the subway, sleeping on docks, sneaking into tunnels.Fakso follows his subjects taking part in the action, moving along with them, following them untilhe manages to document instants and moments of their days, thus creating snapshots that containstories, details and sensations.
This is time Fakso expands his view beyond graffiti and tracks a robust framework of themetropolitan scenario embracing the people who inhabit it. Images of ordinary people, commonpeople plunged into the underground chaos : Fast or Die is a powerful photo strip describing theworld through the subways.
A report of the contemporary underground.
This passion for street art and urban culture brought 55DSL creative director Andrea Rosso tosupport Alex Fakso in this new project, together with Montana Colors.