Dom Kennedy – Designer Sh*t (Video)

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite mixtapes this year gets a video. Dom Kennedy released a stellar mixtape, and it has been in my playlist ever since. “Designer Sh*T” is one of the stand out songs on the tape and it gets the video treatment. Make sure you’re following Dom on Twitter, @DopeItsDom.


Dom Kennedy’s Bio

Dom Kennedy graced the streets of Los Angeles in 2008 with the release of his debut project, titled 25th Hour. The Leimert Park native, born August 22, 1984, made a name for himself by promoting, distributing and, along with Jason Madison, co-producing the 25th Hour mix-tape. After receiving local and nationwide praise, Dom followed up in the spring of 2009 with the independent release of Future Street/Drug Sounds, an all-original collection that seized the attention of major labels, blogs and Hip Hop fans worldwide. In the fall of 2009, Dom teamed up with DJ Sour Milk of Power 106 and the Los Angeles Leakers to produce his third and most recent project, titled Best After Bobby. On March 25th, 2010 Dom released From The Westside, With Love a free download, that plays like a true studio album. This release would legitimize his fan base nation-wide, receiving over 65 thousand downloads.

Dom remembers, at the age of 12, when he would listen to the great Hip-Hop records of that time envisioning what life would be like if the world could hear what he had to say. He would walk around the house free styling, and performing for his mom and sisters who were amazed by the amount of talent he possessed at such a young age. “Leimert Park, what’s cool?” Dom explains, “is a common theme used in my music to show the significance of the neighborhood that birthed me.” Dom’s responsibility to his family, his neighborhood and the younger generation, is what drives his dedication to Hip Hop. “I know what rap did for me when I was younger and how it affected me…a chance to do that and give it back, I had to.” Dom often speaks about his feeling of obligation to the youth. “When I would listen to Outkast for example, it would take me right to the streets of Savannah, GA where I could almost feel myself riding in a Cadillac with Big Boi and Dre. It gave me that sense of security, that acceptance, as if I was apart of something. Its beyond important for the kids today to see that they can do it too, I don’t mind being the example.”