Gatorade: The G Series – How the Brand Evolved

For those who love stories about  brands and how they come about, check out this mazing video from indian buy generic cialis.

Some brand videos tell grand, sweeping stories that cover every nitty-gritty inch of the brand’s history. Others are more like chapters—offering insights into particular milestones that become interwoven into an even bigger picture—a bigger, richer story.

For Gatorade, we chose to focus on one 16-month period in time. A Tether-perspective on what it’s like to help evolve this global brand into what they are today.

In the end, we created a little over seven minutes of pure stop motion marvelousness. (Currently, there is no such word; but there should be.) A more intimate story. A story that is solely Gatorade’s. That simply captures the recreation of a brand in motion. One. Fantastic. Frame. At. A. Time.