Interview w/ P.J. Braham, Founder of ANTI:theClothingMovement (“ATCM”)

Q: What do you do for a living, and what is your role/position for ANTI:theClothingMovement (“ATCM”)?

I am (soon to be) a lawyer by trade; however, I am an artist at heart. At this moment, I am trying to merge the two fields, or use income from the legal career to support my artistic endeavors.
In regards to ATCM, my official title is CEO, and this entails everything- graphic design, web design, blogging, marketing, sales, shipping etc. The only thing I do not do is make the screens and print the t-shirts, my boy from grade school Chris Kato at Ordinary Craft does that.

Q: How would you describe your fashion sense and what are your most prized articles of clothing (shoes, jeans, hats, etc.)?

Very laid back, very Cali. A nice t-shirt, jeans and a pair of vans are what I am most comfortable in.
My most prized articles of clothing…well as far as casual/street apparel it’d have to be the following: my Los Angeles Raiders snap-back that I purchased off e-bay from some guy in China, it’s official; a pair of these high top black leather, velcro Creative Recreations that are pretty legit; and finally, my black and orange Vans crewneck sweater.
On the GQ tip, I have an Italian three-piece, Super-100’s suit my uncle bought me when I graduated from college.

Q: What was the impetus for the creation of ATCM?

My need for a creative outlet; I needed a forum to voice my opinion.
ATCM started back in 2005 when I went with a friend who was a part of Mixwell Clothing (now defunct, it was a DJ apparel brand that was low-key popular in early part of the century) to the MAGIC Tradeshow in Vegas. At MAGIC, I got to see the behind the scenes of the street apparel business, the different brands, the Hollywood-aspect of street/urban clothing. It intrigued and inspired me. From that experience, I knew street apparel was a way for me to get my message out, and I knew that I could be successful in this business.

Q: What audience do you expect your brand to resonate the most with?

Anyone who is interested/influenced by hip-hop, punk-rock, or skateboarding culture and within that grouping, anyone who is concerned with/conscientious of world affairs. I market ATCM as socio-political art projected on cotton, so ATCM will resonate most with individuals who are into hip-hop, punk rock, skateboarding and geo-politics.

Q: How do you plan on getting ATCM out to these individuals?

The internet, boutiques, guerilla marketing (slap-tagging) and word of mouth. I want people to see the ATCM logo, the designs and to ask questions: what does it mean? Where can I find it? I think having a sense of mystery is a good way to draw people into your brand.

Q: What are your plans for ATCM in 6 months, 18 months, and 5 years?

6 months: Place ATCM in 10 more boutiques, each boutique located in a different city.

18 months: Have a few screen prints displayed in a street art gallery or art show; have expanded ATCM’s placement into all major US cities; collaborate with other street apparel brands/artists.

5 years: Establish Anti:theClothingMovement amongst the premier street apparel brands; have branched off into different forms of media- videos, a magazine.

Q: What separates your custom apparel from that of competitors in this market?

The aggressive nature of the ATCM message; it’s raw and unfiltered, it’s straight from my mind to the t-shirt. There is a certain level of depth that I aim for with my ATCM designs, I want people to think about the images I present. To analogize to hip-hop, I am the non-corny, non-annoying conscious rapper.

Q: Do you have any news for the public concerning any expansion/collaborations and/or upcoming projects?

Right now I am completing the fall/winter line and I am also working on a few art pieces; I plan to offer 18 x 24 posters of designs along with the t-shirts. Also, I am looking at offering some limited edition hoodies and thermals for the winter time.

ANTI:theClothingMovement is designed to share my point of view with the world. I don’t expect people to agree with everything I am presenting, but I do expect people to question their perspectives and how they arrived at their conclusions prior to seeing my art. I just want people to open their mind, think outside the box a little. If they feel my message, then be free, be ANTI!

Please visit the website:; blogsite:; twitter: @atcmisraw.


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