Très Bien interviews Common Projects’ Pete Poopat recently had a sit down with Common Projects’ Peter Poopat at The News showroom, NY, discussing the brand’s journey so far, collaborations and future.

Peter Poopat from Common Projects never intended to become a shoe designer, but maybe he should’ve. While he was working as Art Director at V Magazine, Peter and friend Flavio Girolami decided to work together on some ideas they’d been kicking around–some projects they had in common. The first concept was a sneaker. “We originally made them to meet our own needs. There weren’t a lot of options for well-made sneakers at the time,” Peter tells me, sipping a very large coffee at the News showroom in Soho. In 2004 the market was dominated by flashier styles–only Martin Margiela and a handful of other designers were offering simple, well-made kicks. Peter preferred classic athletic shapes in quiet colors, but a lot of major brands had altered their shapes and materials, and all of a sudden his old favorites no longer had much to recommend them. “Sometimes when I’m in a small town I’ll go looking in old shops for [deadstock], but I’ve never found it. We wanted to make the last right.”


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