AnmlHse Presents: PandaRadio Volume 1 & 2

AnmlHse releases a new mixtape entitled PandaRadio Vol. 1 and 2.  Its a great mix and I’ll let Kareem (@PandaReemy) explain below.

On behalf of AnmlHse, as promised, here I present to you PandaRadio Volume 2 (Download HERE)! This is a monthly music playlist that I put together each month based off of what I’m listening to at the moment.
Not only is this about the great, refreshingly cool, and most often underground music that I surround myself with, but also the art to represent the brand. Each mixtape cover has cartoony, edgy, AnmlHse art style that mostly describes the mind of PandaReemy. S/O to the artwork by ALFIE and colorwork by Keith Squirrell. Oh, and S/O to the animated model Sandy B. too! This one came out great! Attached is the cover art + wallpaper.
Now onto the mixtape, you can expect the same greatness as the last PandaRadio (Volume 1; which you can still download HERE). This mixtape features a bunch of artists, some more known than others, but of course equally as inspirational. From Mac Miller to Hussle Club, Casey Veggies to Spoek Mathambo, and Mellowhype to Gym Class Heroes; these playlists have it all. Just a little something for July, download PandaRadio Volume 2, HERE, and enjoy it as much as I have! Spread the word :O) 

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