Converse Jack Purcell LTT Ox “Chambray Pack”

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Converse releases a new design for the classic Jack Purcell sneaker LTT Oxford edition.  This version of the sneaker comes in a special “Chambray Pack” colorway.   The origins of the Jack Purcell sneaker go back to Badminton Kingpin Jack Purcell.  Jack Purcell was such an accomplished player that tire company B.F. Goodrich gave him his own signature sneaker back in the mid 1930’s.  The sneaker featured an iconic design featuring a forefoot “smile.”  Jack Purcell’s went on to be popular following the retirement of Jack.  In the 1970’s, Converse bought the rights to the sneaker and has left the sneaker relatively intact.

The latest design for the sneaker takes on a more contemporary design.  The sneaker features cotton mill thus resulting in a sneaker featuring chambray.  Chambray has recently been seen in the use of shirts so the presence of it on a sneaker is very interesting.  It should also be noted that one of the sneakers in the pair features solid blue.  The other sneaker in the pair is actually split blue/pink.  Take a look at all the photos to see exactly what I am talking about. Would you pick up a pair of these sneakers?  Visit your local Converse retailer to do so as well as  is viagra covered by medco.