DQM Summer 2011

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Dave Quality Meat’s is of my favorite stores in New York City. The store has always served as a great location to pick up great sneakers. I actually picked up a pair of Marc Jacob Vans from there once.  The DQM brand has also grown tremendously. Here we take a look at their Summer 2011 collection.  Read their description of the collection below. Read more about the collection propiedades de la sandia viagra.

The James Brown House sits on the west side of Manhattan. It was built shortly before 1812 and purchased by James Brown, a revolutionary war soldier who was present in the boat that Washington used to cross the Delaware River in 1776. In 1817 a tavern opened on the ground floor. Being directly on the Hudson river it was a favorite of longshoreman, sailors and their captains.

The bar changed hands and names many times over the 150 years that followed. It was a speak-easy in the early 1900’s and the upstairs was even used as a brothel. It has since come to be known as The Ear. A name that came to fruition when the proprietor (in an attempt to avoid renewal of a liquor licence) simply painted over the vertical edges of the B in the word “BAR” on the sign out front.

The Ear services many skaters on their quest for spots along the west coast of the island. Stopping in for a quick one usually results in drinks, food, more drinks, some time on the patio, back inside for more drinks. The walls are covered with the history of the bar, the building and the neighborhood. Lets face it, in a world where we are paving over our history left and right, you can’t beat a place where it is literally written on the walls, and even on the sidewalk out front. You can spend hours listening to stories from the people that work there or the regulars who have been drinking there for the past twenty years. Next thing you know its 2 a.m. and no one has any clue where their board is. Its just that kind of bar. Just dark enough to make you forget how you got there and just light enough to make you not want to leave… plus its one hell of a push back to the east side!