Dripped: Animated life of Jackson Pollock

I remember the first time I ever heard of  Jackson Pollock. It was in art class and my teacher Mr. Robinson was telling the story of this artist who was a member of the early abstractionist movement who enjoyed painting while taking a swig of whiskey and smoking a cigarette. Mr. Robinson was an exceptional story teller so his story sounded a lot cooler than what I just retold. Anyway you get the point, Jackson Pollock was a pretty talented artist who created a number of great works during his time in the early part of the last century.  Check out this 8 minute animated version of Jackson Pollock from acclaimed French director dui school oklahoma.

Read their pitch below (which has been translated from French.”

New York 1950.Passionate about painting, Jack foam museums all day long.It robs them of the paintings he then home to hide …eat!Master’s paintings are his food and plunged into a state of ecstasy when he devours them.But eating too few tables are far away.Driven mad by hunger, he will throw paint on a canvas with violence.But the result is unexpected: the painting projected shape of the spots of great beauty.Jack discovers a talented artist fueled by his emotions.His paintings stain projected big hits and it becomes the famous painter Jackson Pollock

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