Ease DaMan (@Ease_DaMan) – We Do Drugs (Video)

Ease DaMan debuts the single off of his upcoming mixtape Average Sized Penis with “We Do Drugs”. For years Ease DaMan has been a New York City Staple, a streetwear fashion icon and a dynamo of the night life scene. Ease has fueled countless creative projects from behind the scenes, but has finally stepped in front of the microphone, and the result is PORNO RAP! A new genre birthed from the energy of the wild life that Ease lives. The late night bathroom rendevouz, the drug fueled after parties and all of the mess to pick up the next morning.

During the Borscht Film Festival last month, Ease DaMan turned an impulse to jump out of a plane into a reality. Living by the motto that nothing is impossible, he took the leap and got HIGH. Enjoy the video and get ready to be bombarded by a slew of visuals in anticipation of “Average Sized Penis”!

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