Sacha Baron Cohen as Saddam Hussein or is it Gaddafi?

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Sacha Baron Cohen is apparently starrring in a film based on Saddam Husseins Novel Zabibah and the King. The 39 Year old star of  Borat is starring in the Hollywood Adapation of the 2000 novel about a wise and good Iraqi leader who falls in love with a humble peasant girl.  The movie is now retitled The Dictator, and is being directed by Larry Charles, who directed Baron Cohen in the feature-length Borat and Brüno outings.

The story behind the movie is quite interesting and allegorical.  However, on closer inspection, the question arises – Will it be funny?

One of the first photos from production surfaces and it looks like it will be hilarious.  Sacha Baron Cohen is seen here wearing a suit made popular by Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi.  Maybe this move will be funny to a certain extent.  Watch out for the release of The Dictator in May 2012.


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  1. It could be good, but it might be seen as highly insensitive with Libya still in the throes of revolution. 

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