The “Official” Word on Official

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I have always been against the word “official” to describe anything other than people and I find it weird and frankly incorrect. How many times have you gotten an email describing an event as “the official” or gone to a website billing itself I’m the same way? Honestly, it happens way more often than it should and it’s a shame.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not have this consternation when the term is used in reference with people. There are no second thoughts when someone is described as an official of a state or country or even a company. It make perfect sense to use the word in that context. You are bestowing a time of importance on such person and thus they deserve it.

That last sentence highlights my issues with the word when it comes to all other nouns. Marketers assume that Using the word with marketing products will add a degree of importance and credibility to such things. Marketers and promoters have come under the assumption that using the word official will add more credence to their products. I have to come to learn that like all cheap marketing ploys, its ineffective. What you have to do is make sure your product stands on its own. You have to put the time and preparation into making sure that no marketing ploys are needed to make an event stand out.

With that said I suggest that we all work hard and make sure that our products stand on their own two feet and do not need cheap marketing ploys.