The Smurfs are not safe on NYC Subways

Gargammell (@Gargammell) didn’t need to even go after the Smurfs as seen in the video above. The NYC subways are dangerous enough. I wouldn’t recommend any NYC transport devices for the little blue guys. The video above is the landline remix to the original theatrical theater that can be seen below.

The Smurfs movie will see a release on July 29.

When the wicked wizard Gargamel discovers the location of the Smurf village, our little blue friends scatter in all directions to escape him. Several of them make the mistake of following Clumsy Smurf, and they stumble through a portal into modern-day New York City. Patrick and Grace, a young married couple, befriend the Smurfs and try to protect them from Gargamel’s greedy schemes while the pint-sized Blue Man Group searches for a way back home.