DJ Diamond Kuts To Team Up with Dove ® and MTV ®

You can hear her spinnin’ on WUSL’s Power 99 FM Friday and Saturday nights and in recent years, she has become the representative for females in the Philadelphia/Tri-state area. Of course, we’re talking about DJ Diamond Kuts. She, along with 2 other female DJs, has been chosen to participate in a new campaign launched by Dove ® and partnered with MTV ® that gives light to these women who have conquered the odds in a male dominated arena. We had a chance to sit down with DJ Diamond Kuts in her Philadelphia studio to learn a little more about her newest venture and some of the people who inspire her as a real woman.

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Born Tina Dunham and raised in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, she found inspiration in some of the closest women in her life, her mother and grandmothers. She shared, “I look up to my mother because she is a great example and the definition of an independent woman. And my grandmothers where always there for me and my sister when we needed to talk, no matter what.” Inspiration is not only found through her family, but in one of her closest friends, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj. Like DJ Diamond Kuts, Nicki Minaj is a minority in a male dominated field, but that doesn’t stop either from achieving success. She says Nicki’s workaholic attitude is motivation for her to keep elevating and perfecting her craft. zeros in on real woman in our lives and not stereotypical representations of women created by the media. They embrace true womanhood and DJ Diamond Kuts shared her definition of just that, “I surround myself by real women all the time, they are like-minded in work hard in every aspect of their lives. Womanhood is true independence and striving to be the best in all you do.” DJ Diamond Kuts decided to participate in the campaign not only because it spotlights female DJs, but because Dove ® products add freshness and confidence to every woman who uses them. She considers it an honor to be one of the real women chosen to show the true beauty in all women.

Launching mid-August, Dove ® and MTV ® will give us a behind the scene view into the lives of female DJs Diamond Kuts of Philadelphia, Jessica Who of Miami and Chelsea Leyland of New York and the trends and fresh happenings of their cities.

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