GQ’s 40 Worst-Dressed Cities: Philadelphia ranked #6?

GQ recently published a story, national cash advance llc florida branch, with Philadelphia coming in at #6 on the list. This follows GQ’s recent proclamation that Philadelphia Sports fans are the worst in the world (Read more here). I am not here to agree or disagree with the story but would I like to know what the rationale was for the list. The goal of the story was to rank the most sartorially challenged cities in the United States but the story comes across as a thinly veiled shots at forty popular cities in the country.

Just take a look at their rationale for deeming the populace of Philadelphia as badly dressed

Philly is the sartorial nation’s capital of three things: Mullets, (see: Daulton, Darren; Bacon, Kevin; Public, John Q.), ironed jeans (see: Rendell, Ed), and that favorite accoutrement of swashbucklers, ballplayers, and lion tamers alike, the groomed goatee (see: Croce, Pat). Add two million Vick jerseys, cheesesteak-grease stain as hoodie accessory, and Stallone’s grey sweatsuit and black Cons and you’ve pretty much covered the city’s entire contribution to the style community.
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It’s hard for any Philadelphia to get upset at this characterization. Matter of fact, you have to laugh out loud after reading this. When is the last time you saw a mullet while walking down Walnut street? Or saw a Vick jersey outside of Lincoln Financial Field? Or even saw Pat Croce? It was a nice try by Luke Zaleski but he will have to try harder. I doubt the writer has even visited the fair city of Brotherly Love.  Hey Luke, take a trip to Philly and I’ll serve as your tour guide while we attempt to find the evidence for you article.


  1. Anonymous

    The write-up for every city is the same: stereotypes, outdated references and less than a passing familiarity with each town, all in a cheap attempt at stirring up controversy. Philly is forever one of the nation’s flyest cities, and it’s sad to see GQ throw away its storied reputation for a short-term boost in pageviews.

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