Los Angeles Shoe Company: The Introduction

Today we take a close look at the Los Angeles Shoe Company. The sneaker company hopes to create sneakers that are domestically manufactured. Take a look at the video above to learn more.

LASCO (Los Angeles Shoe Company) started out 3-1/2 years ago with the idea that a sneaker should be made in the USA using all domestically sourced materials to help save a dying craft of footwear making in America. As more and more products enter the ports of the United States the need to keep, restore and promote American manufacturing in business is more important then ever to LASCO…

As our world becomes more and more disposable , “we reject the idea now generally accepted that if a product breaks or deteriorates, it is enough to buy another,” said Greg Salas, founder of the brand.”There is something special in this wallet beautifully worn, the belt that was on your side against all odds, and this shoe that remembers every step.”

For its selection of leather, LASCO has decided to source only from the best American tanneries: Horween Leather Company. With over 100 years of manufacturing a high quality leather, it seemed natural to work with the best.

The fit of shoes LASCO is unique because it adapts to different foot widths, with a special thick soles.Made of polyurethane American, the latter is designed to meet and exceed the needs of the skateboard.The interior of the pair is in turn conceived in the high-quality leather.

The outsole is a real lightweight, 20% lighter than conventional tires and much more resistant. The toe bumper is specifically designed to be applied in the molding process, which takes significantly more time than traditional molding insole. All these extra steps of manufacture make each unique pair of LASCO.

“While the brands design their shoes to wear it as soon as possible so that we could ever buy, we have chosen for us to offer our customers the old-crafted shoes that last and whose soles may even be replaced if necessary, “said Salas.

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To learn more about LASCO, you can visit their website and register to see the collection before it is available for sale.


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  1. Ron Martinez

    This video is inspirational–one man–an idea–a dream–“the American Dream”.  I Love inspiration.  It comes from a higher self , a higher energy–the spirit–the soul.

    If we quit listing to the supposed “smartest guys in the room” and we listen to the  most “inspired guys in the room”–American can become Great again. The greatest Americans were inspired by something more than money.  

    Thanks for guys like Greg. 

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