LRG Presents The Rich & Black Chronicles: Raekwon & Nas (Video: Part 1)

LRG will be releasing Raekwon’s “Rich and Black” video this Thursday. Here is a brief video serving as a teaser featuring Nas.

In a week’s notice, LRG films traveled to Oslo, Norway< to shoot the new video for “Rich and Black” with Raekwon and Nas. While backstage in Oslo, we got some footage of the two hip-hop legacies. In this clip, Nas speaks about his first time meeting Raekwon. This is the first of 2 videos of backstage conversations and performances with Raekwon and Nas, so check back tomorrow. The final video for “Rich and Black” drops Thursday. “Rich and Black” is off Rae’s new album Shaolin vs. Wu-tang.

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