Uristocrat Top 5’s: Philly’s Top DJs

Philadelphia has a rich musical past ranging from the Gamble and Huff to Boyz II Men and The Roots.  This musical heritage is also very notable for the emergence DJ’s who have come out of the city. Here is our list of the Top 5 DJ’s in Philadelphia as of July 2011.  The criteria for this list was pretty simple, the DJ had to be a native of Philadelphia or at least claim the city as their hometown.  The criteria also required that the DJ had to have played a set in the city within the last month. Take a look at the list and give us your thoughts.  Are we totally off base here? Are we dead on?

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5. Diplo: The founder of Mad Decent records was actually born in Mississippi but created Hollertronix and Mad Decent following his stint at Temple University.  Diplo recently tore the stage down at PSK  but he may be more popular due to his Major Lazer and work with M.I.A. Diplo doesn’t play in Philadelphia as much as the other Dj’s on this list, hence, which should explain the #5 ranking.

http://uristocrat.com/category/uristocrat/page/678/4. Bo Bliz & Emynd: CrossfadedBacon!  Bo Bliz and Emynd might not be the most famous on this list but their work speaks for its self.  The pair constantly release mixes and remixes that are outstanding.  Their So Special Series at Silk City is also a weekly special that we always look forward to.

3. DJ AKTIVE: West Philadelphia Born and Raised best describes #3 on the list, DJ AKTIVE.  AKTIVE began spinning at neighborhood basement parties and parks in his hometown of Philadelphia,PA before he even made it to high school. DJ Aktive has worked with some of the top names in the music industry including Musiq Soulchild,  Kanye West, The Roots, Organized Confusion, NAS, Floetry, Gang Starr, the Beat Nuts, and Mobb Deep to name a few.

2. DJ Jazzy Jeff:  DJ Jazzy Jeff has been a Philadelphia staple since the 80’s and his career has spanned multiple decades and multiple trends in Hip Hop.  DJ Jazzy Jeff is known outside of Philadelphia for his work with the Fresh Prince and his recurring role on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Jazz. We know him best for his DJ skills, Summertime mixtapes (see Undrcrwn Summertime 2) and his live sets.

 1. Questlove: This should be no surprise to anyone living in Philadelphia for the last few years.  The musical director for The Roots has also become well known for his live DJ sets.  He recently put together PSK, which many have billed as the best party in Philadelphia in years.

Honorable Mentions: DJ Phish, DJ Sammy Slice, DJ Brendan Bring Em, DJ Sega & DJ Rtodaizza
You have to ask yourself this question when you see this list of honorable mentions, who would you rank them ahead of? DJ Phsh is one of our favorite DJ’s here at Uristocrat. His Superdope series is a classic (remember when it was at the Mansion aka O.N.E. on Tuesdays?). Serving as the official DJ for the Money Making Jam Boys is nothing to look down on either.

The same can be said for DJ Sammy Slice who has been a Philly staple for the last few years. Mo Money Mo Problems might be the best weekly party in the city.

DJ Brendan Bring Em is well known for multiple events around the city.  His weekly Wednesday party at the Walnut Room has been going strong for over 5 years.  We also enjoy his Moshulu Mojito party series.

DJ Sega is a world renowned DJ who call’s Philadelphia home.  DJ Sega has been a staple at Mad Decent Block parties as well as his European tours.  His mixes are always dope to listen to.

DJ Rtodaizza. What do we have to say? He’s the official Uristocrat DJ but has also taken his career to new heights due to his work at the Vault and guest spots in NYC.

  1. Gab Bonghi

    Love this list, great job.

  2. Panda

    great list, but i would of placed them differently simply based off of musical preference and style.

  3. Obp4life

    you 4got DJ MARTY GEEZ he has been holding the city down 4 years 

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