Morning Uristocrat: Michael Vick, Will Smith, T.I., Google’s new App Photovine, S&P, DirecTV and more…

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The Impossible, Inevitable Redemption of Michael Vick
Michael Vick gets featured in GQ and he had some pretty interesting things to say. After his string of transcendent performances last season—including five TDs in one half on ‘Monday Night Football’—it’s easy to forget that only two years ago, Vick was a third-stringer just out of federal prison. But in winning our forgiveness, has he really convinced us that he’s a changed man? Or does it just not matter when you play football like Michael Vick?
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Will Smith and T.I. Working on a comeback album with Mar’s Edwards
La Mar “Mars” Edwards is one of the busiest producers in the game right now. He had a hand in most of the tracks for Game’s new LP, The R.E.D. Album, as well as a new album from Will Smith and the return of T.I.  “We’re working on Will Smith, bringing him back. That’s actually him on the other line right now.
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Photovine: Google’s new App
Google just officially launched PhotoVine, a new photo-sharing app for iOS that fills in the blanks left by Instagram.In Instagram, you can use a hashtag like #manhattan to see pictures of Manhattan, but in PhotoVine, you can start a “vine” based on the topic and watch as your friends populate it with their own pictures. Are you on Photovine? Then search and add Uristocrat!
Source: Business Insider

Justice Department Investigating S.&P. Over Mortgage Securities
The Department of Justice is investigating whether the nation’s largest credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years leading up to the financial crisis, according to two people interviewed by the government and another briefed on such interviews.
The Justice Department has been asking about instances in which the agency’s analysts wanted to award lower ratings on mortgage bonds but may have been overruled by S.&P. executives, according to the people with knowledge of the interviews. The investigation began before Standard & Poor’s cut the United States’ triple-A credit rating this month, but is likely to add fuel to the political firestorm that has surrounded that action.
Source: NYTimes

DirecTV brings NFL Sunday Ticket to Android tablets and the PS3 this fall
Do you have NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV? Then you can watch games on your PS3 this fall. All you have to do is sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go. NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go is still a $50 add-on that adds HD streaming access on PCs and mobile devices, however this year there’s also an app for the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Android tablets. PS3 owners can get in on the action either by adding the To-Go option or paying a flat $339.95 without DirecTV service.
Source: Engadget

GM Announces The Next Volt, The Cadillac ELR
GM makes money from platforms, not just cars. With that thought, Cadillac just announced the ELR Coupe, a sleek sportster built on the Voltec platform that also powers the Volt. The dual-powertrain Caddy has been rumored ever since a concept (pictured here) was shown off at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Well, friends, it’s on.
Source: TechCrunch