Morning Uristocrat: Steve Jobs, JPMorgan x Bank of America, Facebook recreating Instagram, Landrover and more…
Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple
We all knew this day was inevitable but that day is now here. What does this mean for the direction of Apple? I for one think it will be fine with Steve staying on as chairman of the board.
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JP Morgan May Take Over Bank Of America
There is a rumor circulated on Wall St. that JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) will takeover Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) within the week. The government will support the deal with a $100 billion investment in preferred shares issued by the combined entity. Alternatively, the government may guarantee the value of a large pool of Bank of America assets. The word is that Treasury Secretary Geithner has discussed the transaction with JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.The “merger” would completely destroy the value of BAC’s common shares.
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Facebook Targets Instagram With Photo Filters
Looks like popular social site Facebook is going after Instagram. Facebook plans to add a series of photo filters to its mobile application in the coming months with the hopes of drawing off fans of Instagram, the popular photo-sharing application.

Vilner x Land Rover Defender
Bulgarian design company Vilner have worked with Land Rover to produce this very special verion of their Defender model. The fit out brings a luxury feel to the utilitarian design of the vehicle, through its sleek leather interior, and black/black exterior.
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