Ease DaMan “Levitate” Rough Cut (Video)

I know it’s the rough cut but I wanted to get you Ease DaMan’s latest video nonetheless. Ease DaMan has been at work working on a new mixatpe and here is one of the latest visuals from the project entitled AVERAGE SIZEd PENIS. Enjoy the video and watch out for the final version in a few days. The video was shot and Edited by The Talented Clyde Ramos of White Trash Media. high street home loans!

The “AVERAGE SIZEd PENIS” title symbolizes accepting who you are, and not being ashamed of it. A lot of people go about their whole lives worrying about what other humans are going to think of them, and not living their lives to the fullest because of it, I am not one of those people, anymore. Nowadays, I don’t let opinions prevent me from being who I want to be, and my goal is to inspire others to do the same by being so open and honest. Well, if you got this far, you’re either high and stuck, or really interested in what I have to say, regardless, THANK YOU. I hope you enjoy, and if you don’t, spread it to others who might enjoy it more.

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