Gilbere Forte’ feat Asher Roth & Bun B “Black Chukkas” Remix

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With just 6 more days remaining until the release of Gilbere Forte’s Some Dreams Never Sleep EP, comes the remix to his breakout smash, “Black Chukkas” featuring Asher Roth and Bun B. The EP is due out on September 27th and the anticipation has never been greater.

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Download Here

In case you missed it, check the trailer below for a preview of the Some Dreams Never Sleep EP and see what Gilbere has been up to.

Btw, read below, what Gilbere had to say about the EP

It’s funny how things work out.
Around this time last year, I was just coming off the release off my debut 87 Dreams and entering a whole new chapter of my life. This music has put me in the presence of great company, people I’ve dreamed of working with. Finding out they are fans of my shit too is even iller.

This year is no different, but the music is. The 87 Dreams 2 Reality project that I’ve been tweeting about the last couple months has taken on a new form. And via God’s grace, I’ve recently met and talked to some very important people that think it deserves a bigger platform. With that said, I’ve gotta push that release back for now.
I’m not gone leave yall hangin though. I’m releasing Some Dreams Never Sleep on September 27th.
It’s an 8-song EP featuring some of the faces you’re gonna see in the trailer below.

I can’t wait for yall to hear this shit.