R.I.P. DJ Mehdi


The French DJ/producer, real name Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, was a core member of Paris’s Ed Banger crew, and most recently had been collaborating with Riton on ghetto-house project Carte Blanche. FACT hasn’t seen any official statement on this tragic death, nor heard anything of how it happened, but a http://uristocrat.com/2011/08/tia-x-dr-romanelli-presents-the-americans-collection/tia-dr-romanelli-presents-the-americans-collection-launch-10-620x413/ from Mehdi’s old friend, French hip-hop DJ Cut Killer, suggests that the news is, regrettably, true:  – Source: http://uristocrat.com/venta-de-cialis-en-chile/

RIP DJ Mehdi. Your music made an impact on all of us.