The Pursuit Of (Cool) with Coltrane Curtis by @RiCreative


I had the pleasure of meeting Coltrane Curtis last year at Heineken Red Star and instantly realized that he is one of the icons of the current crop of ‘inspirateurs’ (I actually wish inspiratuers was a word. Sort of a mix between inspiration and entrepreneur).  Coltrane is the managing partner of New York based Epiphany and takes time out to speak on the  influence of Jazz musicians on his personal style.  It’s great to see someone speak on his influences as he speaks on why people like Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis and Mos Def have been so influential to his own personal style.

music credits:
© New York City / Performed by Gil Scott Heron, Remixed by Cooking Soul
© Mystery – Miles Davis / Warner Bros. Records Inc.

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