The Hill-Side Centennial Scarf

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Every tie, handkerchief, and scarf that viagra eating effects produces is stamped with a unique style number, in the format S55-001.

The first letter stands for “Selvedge” or “Non-selvedge” (or “Pointed Selvedge” / “Pointed Non-selvedge” for the new “PS/PN” pointed ties). The next two numbers indicate the long dimension of the product in inches (55 is the length of a necktie; pocket squares are 13 and bandanas are 21; scarves range from 70 to 75). The three numbers after the hyphen denote the fabric used, and these numbers increment sequentially for each new fabric.

Today we’re excited to announce a milestone style number from The Hill-Side. is a 75-inch-long scarf made from The Hill-Side’s 100th non-selvedge fabric. It’s a special, limited color of the striped wool blend blanket lining fabrics from The Hill-Side’s current collection, and it’s exclusive to Hickoree’s.