Album Review: Rihanna “Talk That Talk”

Rihanna continues to show her raw aggression (while still managing to keep up her pop princess “quest for love” act) in her new album, “Talk That Talk.”

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Our favorite island gyal and pop superstar has recently debuted her sixth album titled “Talk That Talk.” A little more upbeat than her emo, man-hating tunes on her 2009 album “Rated R” and a little less desperate (come on, “California King Bed”?!) than her 2010 album “Loud”, Rihanna’s new record shows a stronger level of sexual progression and maturity throughout her songs.

The album kicks off with the song “You Da One”- a mid-tempo beat produced by Dr. Luke with hints of reggae and might I say, a healthy dose of optimism? Imagine yourself skipping down to the beach, holding hands with your sweetheart and simultaneously chewing on some juicy Bubble Yum. Yup, you basically just listened to this track. Watch out world, the confidence and hopefulness for finding love is back in Rihanna’s music!

Moving along, RiRi is keeping up with the current trend of electronic dance music, from her obvious influences of European pop on tracks such as “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been.” The climactic rise of the beats and addicting hooks on these tracks almost beg you to pop some E, turn on the strobe lights in your living room and call it a night. (Disclaimer: Please do not do as suggested.)

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