Fashion & Art Exposition (A Recap)

The event was held at the Goldilocks Gallery on 7th & Chestnut. It broadcast many of Philadelphia’s young and unique talent. As I set out to explore everyones talent, I could not help but notice an amazing bass player who added serenity and ambiance to the room. Everyone enjoyed drinks and small appetizers while embarking on each artists journey. Winston of Duke & Winston  previewed quality clothing and rare anitque pieces. His products suggest quality and “substance over flash”. Also showing was Sultana Maria, an inspired jewelry designer. A very impressive designer who’s pieces were affordable yet extremely rare. Sulatana dedicates everyday to finding the rarest stones and pieces to create all kinds of jewelry. She is offered in 3 stores within the city and you can find more information on her at Each artist and invitee had a niche’. Each person with a fashion and story more engaging than the next. It was a great experience and tremendous outcome. We will definitely be looking for these young and talented artist in the months to come.


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