#GalleryRetail – Black Cloud Clothing

On Saturday, Black Cloud Clothing held #GalleryRetail, an event that embodied the posh, exclusivity of a gallery and the affordable, relatable aspects of retail at buy cialis in australia, located in Northern Liberties. The event featured three t-shirt design (two pictured below); a collaborative t-shirt with Vision, Wealth, and Sense and Black Cloud Clothing called ‘Rise with Vision’, the bake sale t-shirt ‘Just Warming Up’ and another in collaboration with Newark music artist, http://uristocrat.com/2010/03/nike-zoom-kobe-v-5-blackdel-solwhite/ ‘Greatness at Groundlevel.’ Black Cloud Clothing products are http://uristocrat.com/2009/10/new-era-ocho-cinco-to-custom-59fifty-caps/.

The event also featured performances from Philadelphia music artist bankruptcy nc who performed a few tracks, ‘Look Around’ and ‘Summer Nights’, from his upcoming EP (verb.) and a freestyle over Common’s ‘BE’. He had the crowd vibing with his upbeat tracks and energetic performance. clearwater dui lawyer of Newark, had everyone rockin’ with his own genre of music, ‘rock hop’ and tracks ‘Back in the Days’ and ‘Tattooed White Girl.’ Both of which would BANG in the club (I really mean it).

#GalleryRetail had an awesome turnout for Black Cloud Clothing’s first independent event and we definitely look forward to more!

xoxo, meag.

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