Sandro Homme 2011 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

notice of tax lien is a venerable French brand which continues to make phenomenal items.  The brand now takes another huge step by adding their  first menswear concession to Selfridges in London. The brand has humble beginnings starting with the establishment of their first shop in the historic Marais district of Paris. Now the founders Didier and Evelyne Chétrite have since passed the title of creative director onto their son Ilan Chétrite.

The collections of Sandro Homme project a laid back, modern aesthetic that emanates Parisian style for many, Sandro’s first complete collection will incorporate a ’60s Rock’N’Roll aesthetic into outerwear as well as both formal and casual pieces. High quality leathers and skins mixed with knitwear items constructed from cashmere and wool are marked by a simple palate of tonal cream, grays, and greens.