SWRV.biz Collective (@SWRVBIZ)


viagra superstore is a 4-member collective that includes Jamerson Morris, Suzi Analogue, BZJ, and Sheletta Pendleton. Founded in 2008, the concept for SWRV derived from the action of sw(e)rv(ing) out of a lane everyone else travels and creating one for yourself. The versatile brand carries novelty and vintage pieces they’ve collected from traveling to fashion driven cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, just to name a few. In 2010, they launched their http://uristocrat.com/texas-dui-lawyer/ and have since carved a lane for themselves with innovative and avant-garde pieces on the web. Products of SWRV have been seen in various boutiques including Philadelphia’s own Abakus Takeout in which they had a showing earlier in the year.

The vintage collective will be featured in a http://uristocrat.com/tag/air-foamposite-one/ held this Saturday, November 26 from 9-11pm at Goldilocks Gallery located at 723 Chestnut Street. Come to the event to learn more about SWRV!

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