Babylon Cartel X The HumbleBeez Presents: Weeknd Warriors Vol. 1 Mixtape Artwork

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I came across this email from the crew over at Babylon Cartel today. Get Excited! Get Excited now!

We at Babylon Cartel have collaborated with another brand called the HumbleBeez for a mixtape project entitled “Weeknd Warriors: Vol 1”. The tape will be broken down into three parts, or “days” from Friday being the day you chill with the crew, Saturday being the night that you turn it up, and while normally you’re recovering on Sunday, as a Weeknd Warrior you keep it going , just in a different way. The tape will include features from A$AP Rocky, Travis Porter, Jeezy, Jet Life, Future, Blu, and DeadMau5 to name a few.  We are anticipating to release the tape on January 12th!