Banksy’s Lastest: A Sculpture Targeting The Church

Banksy is once again making headlines but this time its for his latest sculpture called “Cardinal Sin” which features a priest with his face lopped-off and replaced with a pixel mosaic. The sculpture is currently featured  at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, England alongside  works by Van Dyck and Poussin. The goal of the sculpture is to replicate the pixellation techniques used in the media to prevent identification of victims of sex crimes. It is believed Cardinal Sin is a comment on the sexual abuse scandal which has engulfed the Catholic Church.

In a statement issued by the gallery on behalf of the mysterious artist, Banksy said: “I love everything about the Walker Gallery – the Old Masters, the contemporary art, the rude girl in the cafe.

What are your thoughts on this sculpture? Will we soon need to commission a replica of his sculpture featuring the bust of sports coach?