Catball Eats It All: Is now available in the App Store

Catball Eats It All is now my favorite game on my iPhone. I’ve spent the last two days actually stuck on the third level because the game is the perfect mix of challenging and entertaining.
Catball Eats It All is a high-speed platform game where players guide the adorable catball character on his quest to EAT IT ALL.  It features incredible hand-drawn graffiti artwork — players roll the feline around, eating and growing to epic proportions. To avoid your arch nemesis Dogwall, you’ll gobble up the entire world!

The game uses an intuitive two-touch control scheme to zip, float and fly around the worlds. Catball and his psychedelic surroundings pop off the screen, each hand drawn by Philadelphia artist NoseGo.

Catball Eats It All features:
•Hand painted graffiti art – gameplay built around beautiful street murals.
•Start small and get big! Eat little treats and work your way up to devouring entire worlds.
•Unique, two-touch controls are immediately accessible – roll and fly around levels at lightning speed.
•Deceptively simple gameplay and high-score replayability makes Catball accessible to all types of players.
•Compete with friends over a global leaderboard, with Facebook & GameCenter support.
•Cute character skins include fierce Tigerball and black and white Pencilball.

Catball is a free download, with more downloadable new courses in the weeks to come.

“Catball Eats It All”: Is now available in the App Store. You can download it for free here:
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