Real life first person views of a troubled young adult. The 20 year olde Philadelphian recording artist Asaad explores the surface as well as the depths of social statuses in America, with the #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS † (Documentary). Alongside his constituents †††TROY††† (very dear friend) & Benjamin Pramuk (engineer/personal friend) we are blessed with adventurous sights/historic landmarks/ a certain nostalgia from Philadelphia, to NY, Delaware to Rome …fuk’n shit up as usual. When in Rome, go back home. With a soundscape of original material from Asaad for NEW BLACK ® Mr.White Lighter (27) & Basilica Swag as well as as homage to THE NEPTUNES & the late great GIL SCOTT HERON. You are now about to witness demographical juxtapositions & deliberate culture clashing with a gritty matte finish at its finest. This is dedicated to my best friend †††TROY††† who stood by me in my darkest hours with a white light. Reppin for the kids on heavy drugs in High School who never got a B in they life…

-Young 27

THE FULL 21 TRACK #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS MIXTAPE by ASAAD RELEASES DECEMBER 25TH, 2011 VIA http://thedirtymiddleclass.tumblr.com/

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